It’s all your baby essentials (and not a thing more) all in one place. Why? Because we’re minimalists at heart. We don’t like clutter or unnecessary stuff. And we don’t think it should cost a small fortune to create a stylish nursery for your baby.

So we came up with a better way. Direct from manufacturer; a focused collection of high quality baby furniture and accessories in a limited range of colours. Perfect for time-starved, style-conscious, space-challenged parents and anyone who appreciates amazing quality design.

Sewing team

The two ladies, who are creating all the textiles for moKee babies. Pushing the pedals of the sewing machine all day long like racing drivers. Effective, creative and invincibly optimistic.


The boys team. They are the ones who know how to make things happen the right way at the right time. They deal with orders, deliveries, warehouses and other scary things.


They just want you to know and love moKee the way we do. Girls' team that does all the copywriting , promoting, photo shooting and advertising moKee nurseries. They plan, discuss, agree and disagree, they create a lot. And they drink coffee.

Graphic designer

The one man team. Never without ideas. The most patient graphic designer on the planet.

Customer service

They are here to answer all your questions. Product-related & parenting related. They listen to all your feedback and pass it over to improve the service. Many new products were created thanks to a quick conversations the Customer service team has with our brilliant moKee parents!.
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