Bohemian style vibe in Otto’s nursery

Bohemian style vibe in Otto’s nursery

When we design our moKee products, we think tirelessly about how every piece of furniture or blanket will benefit the parents and babies who use them. No matter how many stress tests we do and fabric samples we have though, nothing is more helpful to us than hearing from the mums and dads who make moKee part of their lives.

During a trip to London, moKee founder Sam Serra met with some of the stylish and inspirational parents who have chosen to build their nursery with our designs. From pregnancy worries to nursery style hacks, it became obvious that moKee parents aren’t just great decorators but fantastic parents too.

Otto's family in the boho style nursery

Sam: How have you designed your nursery?
Emilie: I have put together objects and furniture collected over the years in the UK and abroad. I wanted to create a colourful, playful and exciting room to be in. Everything has been carefully chosen and put together. I also wanted simple yet practical and beautifully made baby items such as the Cot and WoolNest. We didn’t want to spend too much money, so we reused a lot of things we already had.

Sam: What is the best/favourite item in your nursery?
Emilie: I love the felted rug from Bangladesh, bought at a market in Devon. It has beautiful wool felt animals all over.

Boho nursery | colourful baby room

Sam: What about your baby favourite thing?
Emilie: At the moment, Otto’s favourite things are the stackable wooden blocks. He loves building a tower and wrecking it!

Sam: What is the most useless purchase in the nursery?
Emilie: No such thing!

Sam: The Best thing about being a parent?
Emilie: Learning new things every day about your children, with your children and also learning about yourself and your partner.

Baby cot i a boho style nursery

Sam: Worst thing?
Emilie: No more lie-ins!

Sam: Any tips or hacks for the perfect nursery?
Emilie: Don’t buy everything before the baby is born, just the essential and add as you go along (as you need things). Look out for things that baby will grow with and will last.

Sam: Do you have any objects in the nursery with a story you would like to share?
Emilie: There is an old wooden music box with a dancing clown. It used to belong to me when I was a child…

Baby accessories old and new | colourful nursery

Sam: Fast life or slow paced?
Emilie: Slow paced

Sam: Gym class or the great outdoors?
Emilie: Great outdoors

Sam: What you couldn’t live without?
Emilie: My husband! He is a great partner and a brilliant father and books.

Sam: Happiness is…?
Emilie: Otto laughing is instant happiness.

colourful touch in the baby nursery

Sam: Motherhood is…?
Emilie: Tough

Sam: Minimalist or Maximum style?
Emilie: Maximum

Sam: Antique or brand new?
Emilie: Antique and brand new when necessary.

Sam: Last item you bought for your Nursery?
Emilie: A hand knitted wolf/fox.

Baby Cot with a lot of colourful add-on | creavtive nursery

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