Minimalist nursery by Ollie and Louise

Minimalist nursery by Ollie and Louise

Sam, the moKee founder met with some of the stylish and inspirational parents who have chosen to build their nursery with our designs. From pregnancy worries to nursery style hacks, it became obvious that moKee parents aren’t just great decorators but fantastic parents too.

None more so than Ollie and Louise who juggle their careers as freelance TV producers with excitedly preparing their house for their new baby and Louise was happy to share their experience.

Sam: What are your expectations about becoming parents?

Louise: We're going to get a lot less sleep.   

Sam: Do you already have a name?  

Louise: No not yet. We have a long list which we're editing down daily but it's still a list. We just call him Moomin at the minute.

Minimalist nursery created by parents

Sam: What have you enjoyed most about being pregnant?  

Louise: We've enjoyed deciding on a baby name together and imagining what he's going to be like when he arrives and what kind of person he'll turn out to be. Also, the extra care and kindness shown by others, including strangers has been lovely.

Sam: Any dislikes?  

Louise: Waking up, shouting 'Ow!' and realising it's because I've received a little kick to the ribs. It's the world's worst alarm clock.   

Sam: Why you did choose moKee products?

Louise: moKee is a brand that offers style without the hefty price tag of other brands.

minimalist, scandi, white nursery

Sam: How have you designed your nursery?

Louise: We wanted a nursery that was cute and enjoyable for our baby, but also fitted in with the style of the rest of our home. We decided on a predominately white room acting as a clean and simple backdrop to showcase the little things that we have collected for him - whether it's 'Dreamchaser', the teddy bear I've kept since I was baby (that would chase away my bad dreams) or the paper wolf head that we picked up in Madrid the day that Ollie proposed to me. Little did he know that the wolf would take ten hours to build.  

nursery toys

Sam: What is the best item in your nursery?   

Louise: Our favourite item and the first thing that we purchased is the cot. We've made it the focal point of the room and love the pairing of natural wood and white. The fact that it can adapt as our baby grows is also a massive bonus.  

Sam: Any tips or hacks for the perfect nursery?   

Louise: Make sure you have a box so you can hide Dad's stupid Star Wars cushions when he's not looking. Once the nursery is complete, enjoy it, because it's home to a tiny interior designer who will change everything!  

toy box in babies room

Sam: Fast life or slow paced?  

Louise: Fast life

Sam: Gym class or the great outdoors?  

Louise: Great outdoors   

Sam: What could you not live without?  

Louise: Christmas   

Sam: Happiness is…?  

Louise: Watching a horror film on the sofa with a bottle of red wine (not whilst pregnant obviously)   

Sam: Minimalist or Maximum style?  

Louise: Minimalist   

Sam: Antique or brand new?  

Louise: Brand new  

accessories in baby's room

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