Delivery times plummet!

Delivery times plummet!

No, sadly this is not a miracle solution to hasten the act of childbirth, but this is still fantastic news for moKee customers.

The truth is that recently we have been taking too long to deliver our products, and some people have had to wait far too long.  It is not what we set out to do achieve and we are sincerely sorry to those who have been disappointed.

But good news is ahead:

we now have stock of everything in our warehouse and our beautiful cots, wool nests and nursery items are flying out the doors.  It will take a few weeks to clear the backlog, but by mid March we will be able to proudly boast that delivery times will be between ONE and TWO weeks for everything.

So here’s the moKee promise…the most beautifully designed, high end nursery furniture, at the best value, combined with flawless service.