Monochrome & yellow pops nursery by Tanya and Rich

Monochrome & yellow pops nursery by Tanya and Rich

When we design our moKee products, we think tirelessly about how every piece of furniture or blanket will benefit the parents and babies who use them. No matter how many stress tests we do and fabric samples we have though, nothing is more helpful to us than hearing from the mums and dads who make moKee part of their lives.  During a recent trip to London, founder Sam Serra, met with some of the stylish and inspirational parents who have chosen to build their nursery with our designs. From pregnancy worries to nursery style hacks, it became obvious that moKee parents aren’t just great decorators but fantastic parents too.

Tanya and Rich enjoyed finding spare time from their jobs as a journalist and surgeon to plan and decorate their son Finnan's nursery.

Sam: How have you designed your nursery?

Tanya: We wanted to keep the nursery gender neutral so decided to go for a monochrome look with pops of yellow and grey. We both love the scandi style but also wanted to add our own personal touches and a sense of family - that’s why we've made a lot of the things in the room, ranging from the hexagon shelves and the mobile to the prints made by my sister.

monochrome nursery

Sam: What is the best/favourite item in your nursery?

Tanya: I love the wallpaper - it was exactly what I was looking for! The white and black pattern provides the perfect backdrop for the grey cot and the yellow objects we’ve added. When I walk into the room it puts an instant smile on my face! My other favourite items are the things we’ve made (or rather Rich has made!) like the hexagon shelves and the driftwood clothes hanger.

Sam: What about your baby favourite thing?

Tanya: At the moment Finn is absolutely loving the various black and white prints we’ve framed around the room. He gets super excited (which involves a lot of excitable leg kicking) when he sees the ABC panda print and Tofu the Tiger, the decal at the back of the nursery door. It’s really cute to see!

stickers on the door self made objects in the nursery

Sam: What is the most useless purchase in nursery?

Tanya: I would probably say the armchair, which I bought with the idea I would use it to feed Finn in. But as much as I love the chair, it is probably the least used item in our nursery as I tend to feed him downstairs on the sofa or in bed! And it pains me to say it because Rich did question me at the time whether it was necessary (I hate it when he’s right…)

Sam: Best thing about being a parent?

Tanya: The smiles and giggles without a doubt.

Sam: Worst thing?

Tanya: The sleep deprivation - and believe me we’ve had it bad!

Sam: Any tips or hacks for the perfect nursery?

Tanya: You don’t have to buy everything. We’ve used a lot of driftwood from our visits to Devon to make statement items - such as the clothes hanger and our next project which is the wooden height measurer. We plan to start recording Finn’s height once he starts walking.

nursery in black white and yellow

Sam: What was the first xmas present for Finn?

Tanya: Some colourful wooden blocks to bring out the builder in him

Sam: Do you have any objects in nursery with a story you would like to share?

Tanya: The cloud mobile has a special place in my heart. I decided to make one after I struggled to find anything I liked in the shops. I spent many a Saturday morning and evening after work when I was heavily pregnant cutting out the cloud shapes and stitching it all together. I would often daydream whilst making it about what my baby would be like and how our lives will change! Now I know!!

black and white nursery design

Sam: Fast life or slow pace?

Tanya: Fast life

Sam: Gym class or the great outdoors?

Tanya: Great outdoors

Sam: What you couldn’t live without?

Tanya: Baby video monitor. I’m fully embracing the neuroses of being a mum.

Sam: Happiness is…?

Tanya: It’s cheesy but true: baby smiles and cuddles.

Sam: Motherhood is…?

Tanya: Non-stop worrying.

Sam: Minimalist or maximum style?

Tanya: Maximum style. We like our clutter.

Sam: Antique or brand new?

Tanya: Both! We love up-cycling.

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