September baby boom

September baby boom

By Becca Smith (@beccasmithtomlins), moKee Ambassador and Mother of one with Baby Number 2 on the way

Are you due September?  

Well if you are, you are contributing to an apparent baby boom that happens in the UK every year.  Two decades of Office for National Statistics data have found a surge in births around 40 weeks after the festive period, meaning September has become the most popular month to have a birthday.

The ONS have said that “peak in births in late September shows that more babies are conceived in the weeks leading up to and days after Christmas than at any other time of the year."

But is it the festive period which is the cause for a spike in births?  One too many drinks over Christmas and New Year?! Or is it that parents are planning to have a September baby who will be the oldest at the start of the school year?  

When I had my October baby a few years ago I have to admit that I was secretly pleased that he would be one of the oldest in his school year.   We hadn’t planned it but were happy he appeared when he did. My family have a history of October birthdays with 5 of us celebrating birthdays that month.

September baby boom

The most popular day to be born is 26th September and according to a BBC Radio 4 documentary aired last year, a child born in Autumn and Winter will apparently do better than a child born in the Summer.  Apparently, their grades are likely to be better and research indicates admissions to top universities are higher than children born in Summer.

When I looked into this further research shows that it even impacts on sports.  

Children born in September have an advantage on children born in August because they have nearly a whole extra year to grow and develop.

This is exacerbated in the early stages of puberty when children can shoot up in a single year.

Older children who are simply bigger are more likely to be picked for sports teams.  

But, does it really matter?  

Of course not. All parents wish for is a happy and healthy child, regardless of when they are born. I always thought Summer children were lucky to have birthday parties outside on glorious hot days, whereas my October birthdays were mostly held inside on drizzly, miserable days.  

Every birthday is a blessing but if you are due to give birth in September, remember that there may be a few more of you in hospital and spare a thought for some very busy midwives!

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