How to buy less and benefit more when you have a baby. All about sustainability!

How to buy less and benefit more when you have a baby. All about sustainability!

By Becca Smith (@beccasmithtomlins), moKee Ambassador and Mother of one with Baby Number 2 on the way

It’s hard today not to be aware of sustainability and waste and when it comes to having a baby the struggle to limit the amount of ‘stuff’ and waste can be tricky.  I certainly haven’t been perfect in the amount I’ve bought and thrown away. But a solution to the baby waste problem are products that last beyond the baby-years and can be used for number 2, 3 or more!  Not only is it value for money to buy long-lasting products but you are reducing the need to buy new and ultimately reducing waste.

Cots are a great example of this and there are many cots that extend beyond baby. 

moKee’s Mini Cot is a long-lasting product with it being designed for up to three-year-olds.  My son is still in his Mokee cot and even though he is quite ‘snug’, he still loves it. His cot will be used on baby number 2, due in November and with a new mattress it will be as good as new!

dad and son building a cot for baby number 2

Even after the second is finished with the cot it can now turn into a comfortable seating area with moKee’s new Mini Sofa. If you’re lucky enough to have a separate playroom or area for the kids to play, the Mini Sofa would work perfectly. I’ll be putting mine up in our barn as a place for kids to relax and play for years to come.

Other products such as high chairs can last beyond baby’s first birthday too.  Unfortunately, our first high chair didn’t – it was difficult to clean and broke so we had to take it to the tip!  One option I will be using with baby number 2 is Frokee which lasts up until your baby turns 10! That’s a decade of meals to enjoy together!

high chair which grows with a baby

Long lasting means that products must be easy to clean (high chairs!) and durable.  There’s no point choosing a product that will break after a couple of years of wear and tear.  Babies and children are very capable of causing damage and breaking things so make sure you look into how products are made and if you think they’ll last the course.

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