The Victorian nursery full of foxes and plants

The Victorian nursery full of foxes and plants

This is a story about a nursery that started with the illustration and the BFG quote “Dreams is full of mystery and magic . . .   Do not try to understand them.”

Then there was a cot. There were plants to create the countryside atmosphere in the middle of London.

Rupert's mum Becca, the moKee ambassador is showing us round her first nursery.

How have you designed your nursery?

Living in the city we were keen to bring the countryside into Rupert's nursery.  Whilst I was pregnant I came across some animal illustrations so the nursery is really designed around them - using some of the tones and colours in the rest of the room. Our moKee cot matches the colour in the paintings.   I liked the idea of having lots of plants in the room too - some plants such as weeping figs are meant to help improve the air quality in rooms. Not knowing the sex of the baby has meant it was designed very gender neutral, with a primary colour of blue set among small hints of pinks and yellows.

animal illustrations in the nursery

What is the best/favourite item in your nursery?

An original Quentin Blake illustration from Roald Dahl's BFG - it hangs over his cot and as the BFG says - “Dreams is full of mystery and magic . . . . Do not try to understand them.”

Also - the cot!  After trawling through the usual baby stores for cots I felt disheartened until I came across mokee!  The simple design and the size was perfect for our nursery and the choice of colours mean you can match it to the design of your nursery.

What about your baby favourite thing?

When Rupert was younger he really loved lying on the sheepskin rug - it's all natural and soft which he really loved as a baby!

nursery views ct armchair baby cloud

What is the most useless purchase in the nursery?

Nothing!  We got a lot of advice from friends who were already parents and I think we were well informed as to what we needed and what would be useless!  The best advice was to not get a changing table- we just put a mat on top of a chest of drawers, saving us space and money.

Best thing about being a parent?

Watching Rupert change and develop every day.  He's growing so fast!

Worst thing?


Any tips or hacks for the perfect nursery?  

Don't go mad and buy everything - babies don't really need much.  A good chair is key when doing the night feeds. We got an old Victorian chair reupholstered which can be used in any room once we are done with babies!

Do you have any objects in the nursery with a story you would like to share?

I wanted to include some of the decorations we had at our wedding so we re-used the pom poms and chair ribbons.  His godmother made some bunting for our big day which now hang across one of the walls. It's lovely to reuse something from a day that was so important to us.  

And there are a lot of Foxes in the room, too!

Yes - Rupert's middle name is Fox so we are building up an interesting collection!

When we were thinking of names my husband liked the name ‘Fox’.  I didn’t! But we compromised and agreed on it being Rupert’s middle name.  Also, it’s my Grandmother’s maiden name so I like to think it’s a connection to her.  Therefore we now have a lot of fox-themed toys, art! Anything that has a fox on it we have!

foxes in the nursery

Your son is grown-up now. Is he now decorating his own room? How much has changed since he has a say?  

Rupert is now 3 and very much aware of this surroundings.  He has thrown out a lot of toys that he doesn’t like being in his room – he’s quite particular!  There are some artworks that I had in his room which he hated and was scared of so that was swiftly moved!

Was there something in your nursery that you found completely useless or just a bad idea?

I decided it was a good idea to put a lot of plants in the nursery as I had read that it was good for the air. WRONG IDEA!  The plants quickly died as I was too busy looking after my son to bother about watering them!

plants in the nursery

What was, from the time perspective the best thing in the nursery?  

I really loved the room because it had Victorian features like a fireplace and a really beautiful, single wardrobe that was perfect for a tiny baby wardrobe.  I loved the animal prints we hung on the walls too- they are still here in our new house. I wouldn’t part with them!

Fast life or slow paced? Fast

Gym class or the great outdoors? Great outdoors

What you couldn’t live without? Rupert, husband and a good steak

Happiness is…?  Babies' naked bums

Motherhood is…? Marvelous and messy

Minimalist or Maximum style? Maximum

Antique or brand new? Antique

Last item you bought for your nursery? Yet another plant

There is a second nursery on the way now. Will it be similar or different from Rupert’s one? 

The new nursery is the opposite of Rupert’s room!  It’s tiny! But it will have the same similar colour tones, blues, yellow and white and of course the moKee cot!  We don’t know the sex of the baby so I’ve gone again for more gender-neutral colours. Everything in the room has to be practical as it is so small but it should be the perfect baby room!