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Gender-neutral nurseries are a trend now!

Why choose a gender-neutral nursery design?

4 mins read

by Becca Smith @beccasmith_tomlins

I’ve documented my nursery designs on this blog with my first son’s nursery and with baby number 2. With both we didn’t know the sex of the baby, so we had to decorate it in a gender-neutral way. But it seems that more and more people are choosing to decorate gender-neutral even if they know the sex of their baby ahead of the birth.

Is this a trend?  

Well, I think it’s definitely a sign that society is more aware of gender neutrality. The movements highlighting transgender people have gathered momentum over the past year and I think parents are more aware of parenting trends. Typically these trends have focused on parents not boxing their children into specific gender roles from birth.

I am all-too-aware that I let my son express himself how he likes. He is a beautiful mix of a person who is drawn to both what we see as typically ‘boy’ and ‘girl’ things. He loves the colour pink but is equally drawn to typically ‘boy’ toys – trains, planes and automobiles!

We have a lot of dinosaur smashing at home lately and I’m happy to support him in discovering whatever he wants.

It is clear that gender neutrality begins at the very beginning- by creating an environment for your baby that doesn’t reflect gender stereotypes is important for many parents. Even when my son arrived and we knew he was a boy, I didn’t change the nursery at all. I kept up the yellow bunting and the pink and yellow pom poms.

Remember! Gender neutral designs don’t have to be boring!  


You can still use pinks and blues, but make sure they are complemented by more neutral colours such as yellows and greens. Gender neutral nurseries can be anything you want them to be. In fact, I think it gives parents more freedom and creativity when decorating gender-neutral. You can create anything you want – include both rainbows and dinosaurs! Let your imagination run wild! Gender neutral nurseries allow for you to create whatever environment you wish- you don’t have to be boxed into particular gender themes.

Fun subjects such as pirates, dinosaurs and trains can still be used. Who says they are meant for boys? Equally fairies and heart motifs can be mixed in.

I’m sure my son will be begging for dinosaur wallpaper and football posters in no time and I will be very happy to oblige. But until he expresses that, I’m quite happy sticking with a mix of both ‘boy and ‘girl’ designs.


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Society is more aware of gender neutrality. The movements highlighting transgender people have gathered momentum over the past year and parents are more aware of it.

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