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Mini Sofa Talks | Episode 02: Fleur & Rupert

3 min read

by Becca Smith @beccasmith_tomlins

Today, on the Mini Sofa Talks, we meet Fleur and Rupert who have known each other since they were born! Now 3, they enjoy playing games and getting into mischief! Fleur enjoys looking after Rupert, bringing him food whilst Rupert the T-Rex roars…. moKee’s Mini Sofa is the perfect place for them to hang out and play….

What do you like about Rupert, Fleur?

F: He roars.

R: I’m a T-Rex! A big Spinosaurus T Rex!

Is he loud Fleur?

F: Yes too loud Rupert!

R: I can be a quiet dinosaur…. Roooooaaaarrrr. Ssssh...

What’s your favourite dinosaur Rupert?

R: Spinosauraus- they are bigger than T Rex and have spiny sails.

What’s a sail? The spikes on its back?

R: Yes, spiny sail.

What’s your favourite game Fleur?

F: I like running…. And I like hair bands.

What type of hair bands?

F: Sparkly and shiny ones.

What are your plans for this summer guys?

R: I’m going to Italy and Africa…. And we are going to eat ice cream every day

F: Yummy, I love ice cream! We went to Spain - we had a big pool!

R: I like swimming… ROOOAAAARRRRR!

Can you swim like a Spinosaurus?

R: Yes but I need my armbands as I am only small.

F: I can swim, I like splashing!

R: Rooooaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrr!

F: Rupert, be quiet!!!


Design that newborns love...

Design that newborns love...

Fleur & Rupert on the moKee Mini Sofa discussing their friendship, summer plans and more!

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