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New arrival shopping list for toddlers

by Madlena Szeliga - 10.02.2021

As @notafictional mum says: Some make it home a little bit later.

For them & their parents, we've created a NEW ARRIVAL SHOPPING LIST, a toddler version.

Adoptive parents are as new to parenthood as pregnant ones. They have a lot of shopping to do & no clue what is a must-have and what is useless.

And if you are not an adoptive parent, but your little baby is not so little anymore and you wonder what furniture & accessories you need now - this list is also for you.

Design that newborns love...

A shopping list for adoptive parents expecting a toddler. A list created by moKee & @notaficionalmum. The list will be also very useful for all parents that have babies that are not so little anymore. Check what's next to get.

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