moKee is growing with you!

by Marta Szczepanik - 13.05.2021

We have done it again! We have once again diversified our project range to include designs that grow with you. We are delighted to introduce you to our new products for school and preschool-age children!

We are honoured to be part of the amazing world of little explorers! We want to be at your side in those moments that are worth remembering and touching.

We wish to grow with the children and accompany them on this amazing adventure. The period of exploring the world is the most wonderful time, in which we have the privilege of being with you. We are continuously working with the moKee design team on the products we proudly present to you today.

moKee Junior Bed

The first Junior cot of which we are very proud! Its minimalist design and soft colour scheme will help create a dream room for older preschoolers. Are you facing a difficult decision to change your baby's bed for a bigger one? With the Junior Bed, you secure your older preschooler with the included railing. With it, you will be able to sleep at ease!


moKee Mini House Bed


moKee makes the little ones' dream of a magical place in the children's room come true. moKee Mini House Bed bed has been perfected in every detail. Complete the set with a drawer and create the perfect place for every growing child to feel comfortable and secure.


Mini Wardrobe

Learning to dress and put on shoes with the moKee Mini Wardrobe is pure fun for little explorers. Meet the simple, clever and unique piece of furniture that will help develop your child's independence. Here everything is perfectly in place. The small hangers included in the set hold tiny dresses and shorts, while the felt cover turns the Mini Wardrobe into a theatre, with a stage and cotton curtains. 


Novelty - Tipi Bed - coming soon !

We can't wait to present our latest product - Tipi Bed to the world! Soon, we will present you with another work of our carpenters, made with great attention to detail and perfected to create a place for fun and rest for every child.




Check out our latest video starring products for school and preschool-age children! The fun and amazing energy of the three siblings is a sign that with moKee products, the children's interior can become a great space for learning and exploring the world.

Design that newborns and toddlers love...

We are delighted to introduce you to our new products for school and preschool-age children!

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13 May 2021

moKee is growing with you!

moKee is growing with you! by Marta Szczepanik - 13.05.2021...

Sensory Stepping Stones

by Marta Szczepanik - 26.03.2021

The Sensory Stepping Stones are a multicoloured, creative and fun obstacle course. It supports cognitive development (including speech!), motor skills, balance, builds spatial awareness, hand-eye and foot-eye coordination.

This type of play helps children to develop and improve their concentration and is a great way to introduce children to new sensory experiences.

In addition to helping children become aware and discover their senses, playing on the sensory path stimulates concentration, which allows the child to calm down and focus on the task.

Frequent playing on the Sensory Stepping Stones will contribute to better school performance. It allows building new connections in the brain that are responsible for the interpretation of visual or tactile stimuli, which enable children to perform complex, multistage tasks.

The hexagon-shaped panels contain natural fillings. Walking along the path is an excellent exercise in tactile discrimination. All Sensory Stepping Stones are secure and non-slip, which allows for safe playing and even jumping.


Let’s make with moKee a creative and entertaining obstacle course!

Source and photos:

Design that newborns love...

Let’s make with moKee a creative and entertaining obstacle course!

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26 Mar 2021

Sensory Stepping Stones

Sensory Stepping Stones by Marta Szczepanik - 26.03.2021 The Sensory...

Be like a mum!

by Marta Szczepanik - 12.01.2020

We know that this it's a time full of love and amazing emotions. Today we are writing just about mother’s emotions! How does the mother feel? How does it feel for her when the baby arrives home? What's the most surprising thing about being a mum according to you?

We asked six mothers about this. Mums you may know from Instagram, and if you don't know them yet, check out their profiles!

Here is what they told us!


@crazynewmumma - Mum of Mya & Freddie

The most surprising part for me is how much you love them. This doesn’t always happen straight away but when it does arrive the love is so strong I wasn’t expecting it. It’s like no love I have ever experienced before! You look at their little faces and know you would move heaven and earth for them. Such an amazing blessing!

@earlyyearswonders - Mum of Florrie and Wilfred

Being a mum has completely changed my life, even more so than I thought it would have done. The bond between myself and my children is unconditional... They are like tiny miracles that I am in awe of every single day. The most surprising thing about being a mum is being able to remember things my mum did for me... and now I’m doing these exact things for my own children, it has made appreciate my mum so much more!! I also feel extremely proud when I see my own children do things on their own and in their own way. I love watching them grow and seeing the wonder on their faces. Being a mum is the hardest but most rewarding ‘job’ I’ve ever had and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

@fivelittledoves - Mum of Lewis, Eva, Megan, Harrison and Joseph

The most surprising thing about being a Mum for me was just how much it changed EVERYTHING! When I was pregnant with my first I assumed our lives would remain very much the same, and that I would be the same person afterwards, but everything changed! It changed me both mentally and physically, it changed my priorities, my relationships with others, my hopes for the future. Nothing has ever been the same again but I wouldn't change it for the world (just a little more sleep maybe....!).

@laurenjessiewilliams_ - Mum of George Dougie and Paisley Dolly

I would say the thing that surprised me the most about becoming a mother was how I finally realised the meaning of life. I dead no idea how complete I would feel from the moment I held my first baby. And now until forever, as long as I have my beautiful children, there will be nothing missing from my world. (Also it’s surprised me how I would happily pick someone else’s bogies haha)

@yevtopyer- Mum of Benjamin

Motherhood is full of surprises! Every hour of the day.
I guess that nobody really talks about the phenomenon of the “4th trimester” & it’s hardships. Nobody tells you that you will have to pull yourself together both physically and mentally but at the same time have to be there 24/7 for the little human that totally depends on you. And that It’s not easy (not even close to) to get used to this new routine & to the fact that your life will never be the same. Your relationship with your partner / husband won’t be the same. With your friends. But above all - with yourself. The most important lesson here for me was to not lose myself in the never ending daily routine & at the same time to allow myself to be a full time mom, to let everything else be secondary. To dedicate myself to this little perfect creature that totally depends on me. To live with this huge responsibility every day. To live UP to it. To enjoy every single moment by his side. To cry ( loud & clear) when it’s too hard. To dare to ask for help when needed & to learn to accept it when offered. To let go things in life is still the hardest lesson of all. To accept that life will never be the same , I won’t be the same - But I’ll be better every day because I grow together with my little Benjamin, learning how to enjoy the smallest things in life to the fullest. Again <3


@notafictionalmum - Mum of Nemo

For me, the most surprising thing is how much you start to life your life like a toddler. Not the cheese smearing or reverting to using a potty. I mean the excitement of life, the way you start to see everything again for the first time through their eyes. The way you excited about snow, spring flowers sprouting and the sunshine bursting through the curtains. He's taught me not to look past what's right in front of our eyes every, single, day.

@minicupcakediaries - Mum of Bean

The most surprising this about being a mum is how naturally it’s come to me. I thought I’d struggle to be honest but every day I’m amazed at myself and by how much I love it!

Happy Mother's Day from moKee!

Design that newborns love...

We know that this it's a time full of love and amazing emotions. Today we are writing just about mother’s emotions!

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12 Mar 2021

Be like a mum!

Be like a mum! by Marta Szczepanik - 12.01.2020 We...

moKee loyalty program

by Marta Szczepanik - 25.02.2021

We decided that we’d set up “We Are moKee”, our loyalty and benefits programme, to say a huge thank you to you all!

Being parents ourselves, we know how much work and planning is put into baby’s arrival. It’s hard, but rewarding work. And at moKee we particularly understand the work involved in organizing and creating the nursery. We want to make that as easy and rewarding as possible, and we decided that we’d set up “We Are moKee”, our loyalty and benefits programme, to say a huge thank you to you all!

So how does it work? You'll receive points for every purchase at our store and then those points can be redeemed for your future orders at moKee. All you need to do is create your account and be logged in whenever you decide to place the order.

We will reward you with 10 points for each £10 spent at our store.

But that's just the start! You will get 100 points just for creating the account and if you follow us on Instagram or on Facebook, you'll get another 100 points! It's worth it - not only do you get the points, but you'll receive valuable and helpful content each month (no spam, we promise!).

At moKee we believe sharing is caring so if you recommend moKee to anybody, they will receive £10 off on their first order (min. value of £250) and you'll be rewarded with 500 points. You can recommend us to as many people as you want! The more, the better for YOU!

Sounds interesting? Join now and benefit from our loyalty program!

To sum up, the points are given as follow:

- 100 points for creating the account,

- 100 points for following moKee on Instagram,

- 100 points for following moKee on Facebook,

- 500 points for referring us to the friend (points are given when the friend places an order and it's fulfilled).

- 10 points for each £10 spent at our store.

100 points equals £1 that you can use to pay for your next order. To redeem the points, just log in to your account, add products to the basket and use points as the payment option at the checkout.

Design that newborns love...

We decided that we’d set up “We Are moKee”, our loyalty and benefits programme, to say a huge thank you to you all!

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25 Feb 2021

moKee loyalty program

moKee loyalty program by Marta Szczepanik - 25.02.2021 We decided...

New arrival shopping list for toddlers

by Madlena Szeliga - 10.02.2021

As @notafictional mum says: Some make it home a little bit later.

For them & their parents, we've created a NEW ARRIVAL SHOPPING LIST, a toddler version.

Adoptive parents are as new to parenthood as pregnant ones. They have a lot of shopping to do & no clue what is a must-have and what is useless.

And if you are not an adoptive parent, but your little baby is not so little anymore and you wonder what furniture & accessories you need now - this list is also for you.

Design that newborns love...

A shopping list for adoptive parents expecting a toddler. A list created by moKee & @notaficionalmum. The list will be also very useful for all parents that have babies that are not so little anymore. Check what's next to get.

Blog 1 New arrival shopping list for toddlers
10 Feb 2021

New arrival shopping list for toddlers

New arrival shopping list for toddlers by Madlena Szeliga -...

moKee Birth Story: @Notafictionalmum & Nemo

by Madlena Szeliga - 08.02.2021

LOVE MAKES A FAMILY. Here is the story to prove. @Notafictionalmum says: I didn’t have ‘the bump’. I’m a mum. She adopted her son, when he was a toddler. It's kind of a birth story, too. There are all kinds of families and they are one of the best. Read her her story:

People talk about the nesting period don't they? According to google (everyone knows a fact isn't legit unless it's sourced from google) nesting starts towards the end of the third trimester it also states that nesting instinct can be just as powerful in humans as it is for our animal friends.

Now I wasn't de-cluttering cupboards or excessively cleaning my house, I'd had 6 months worth of social worker visits so that side of things had well and truly been taken care of. I didn't need a shopping checklist, I was officially the worlds most experienced window shopper, many a lunch break had been spent peering into the windows of baby and toddler shop windows. Wondering when it would be my turn, when was i going to get the chance to actually step inside and burn some of my hard earned cash.

My nesting period lasted for five years.

I was ready for my baby to arrive

For five years.

I was ready when we were trying naturally, you know the good old fashioned fun way without the sex schedules and ovulation testing kits. I was ready when my stomach was bearing a striking resemblance to a pin cushion, on the days of egg collections, transfers, the day I miscarried, throughout the adoption process, approval panel and the matching process. I. WAS. READY.

Not all mothers to be fit the stereotypical expectation.

I didn't have the three trimesters

The scans


I didn't experience any of that, I was still expecting, I was nesting in my own way.

There was a phone call, I was at work on a team bonding camp. Ironic really, there I was a member of the senior management team checking my phone every two seconds during 'teamwork' exercises. *If anyone questioned me I was going to throw out a bag of branded company pencils to the first person who could guess my passcode.

"They think you're the perfect match, they've agreed to the link''

For all you non-adopters out there the 'they' I refer to are the team of social workers. The link is the potential match after expressing an interest in a child's profile before a possible matched is agreed after a home visit.

I'd already seen pictures of my son, his hair, eyes his absolutely L'oreal commercial worthy head of curls. I'd read about how he loves cheese, roast dinners, to dance and have his photo taken *I knew we would be compatible my husband a cheese connoisseur me, an absolute show off.

This was it, we were about to become parents. I guess to try and draw a comparative this was our positive test date. Except he was to come home two weeks after this call, I'm frantically searching for one . . . Nope there isn't a comparative for that. The nursery was ready, freshly painted walls, safari themed toys and crisp, new bedding. The garden had been baby proofed, kitchen cupboards even Houdini himself wouldn't find his way into, the dog had even been treated to his yearly groom.

There was one feather missing though.

One feather that I hadn't been quite able to place into the nest.

The once where I believed he would actually make it home.

The one that proved the battle had come to an end.  

The feather that symbolised hope.

I couldn't quite bring myself to really believe this was going to happen and not fail like every other time.  

Then I saw him, his chubby little calf resting on the hip of his foster carer.

I saw him 

I had no choice but to place that feather in our nest.

If you want to more about @Notafictionalmum story follow her on Instagram: HERE!

It's one of those accounts EVERYONE should follow.

Do you have a birth story to share? Do tell us about your experience!

Design that newborns love...

LOVE MAKES A FAMILY. Here is the story to prove. @Notafictionalmum says: I didn’t have ‘the bump’. I’m a mum. She adopted her son, when he was a toddler. It's kind of a birth story, too. There are all kinds of families and they are one of the best.

Blog 1 moKee Birth Story: @notafictionalmum & Nemo
08 Feb 2021

moKee Birth Story: @notafictionalmum & Nemo

moKee Birth Story: @Notafictionalmum & Nemo by Madlena Szeliga -...

moKee Birth Story: Hanna & Inés

by Madlena Szeliga - 01.02.2021

Hanna & Inés story started not according to the plan, as many birth stories do. Earlier than anticipated, and accompanied with quite some stress, Inés was happily born to meet her parents. They got to spend the most wonderful time together with tears of joy and true happiness.


Despite very little going to plan, I still feel like my birth was a wonderfully positive experience.


I was convinced I was going to be overdue with this being my first baby, however, when I went in for a routine growth scan, they kept me in overnight as my blood pressure was sky-high.


I felt totally fine and was more than happy to be in the right place and monitored. One of the consultants that came to see me after the scan suggested that I book in for an induction in a week time, so that would be one week earlier than the due date.

I had only heard negative things about inductions and friends being in labour for days before any action, but I thought "I'll have a week to think about it".

The next morning my blood pressure still had not budged and a different consultant told me that the only way to get it down was to get the baby out...that day!!!


In some ways, the shock of knowing I was going to have my baby 2 weeks early left me with no opportunity to think about worrying.

My hypnobirthing techniques came into play...

I had the pessary inserted at 2 pm and by 9 pm I was heading down to the delivery suite. The midwives I had through the night were amazing and followed my birth plan (what could be catered for anyway!) and gave me so much encouragement.

I had been using a tens machine which was great but then it got to a point where the pain was too much, I didn't get on well with the gas and air so ended up with an epidural.

All was fine until the very end where I was struggling to feel the contractions and really had to be coached to push. In hindsight, the contractions were a breeze but the pushing was something I totally wasn't prepared for!

After a long time pushing, I heard one of the midwives mention theatre and I really didn't want that. Something inside kicked in and I knew I needed to just go for it. With the help of forceps, our baby girl was born.

When she was handed to me the cord was around her neck and she was purple. My husband was really worried but I instinctively knew that she was going to be absolutely fine.


The time we had just the 3 of us after delivery was amazing and a total high. I could not stop crying tears of happiness.

And finally, we have a message from Hanna to all of the future mothers:


The best part of birth?

Feeling completely in control despite not having the birth I had imagined.


The worst part of it?

The metal sound of the forceps in the tray... :S and the piles afterwards when I got home.


What would you advise pregnant mums based on your personal experience?

You can totally do this if you let yourself believe you can! Read as much as possible beforehand, make a plan A and plan B, and C. Focus on positive affirmations.

Do you have a birth story to share? Do tell us about your experience!

Design that newborns love...

Hanna & Inés story started not according to the plan, as many birth stories do. Earlier than anticipated, and accompanied with quite some stress, Inés was happily born to meet her parents.

Blog 1 moKee Birth Story: Hanna & Inés
01 Feb 2021

moKee Birth Story: Hanna & Inés

moKee Birth Story: Hanna & Inés by Madlena Szeliga -...

Mini Wardrobe

by Marta Szczepanik - 25.01.2020

A simple, smart and unique piece of furniture that will help develop your child's independence.

Mini Wardrobe by moKee is a simple & beautifully designed clothes rack for toddlers, older kids, and even adults. How does it work in practice? We asked Hayley Thomposon about it for whom the subject of independence and Montessori education has no secrets. Here is what she told us.


Where did the idea and passion for Montessori education come from?

 I first researched the Montessori approach when my son turned one as I wanted to set up an area in the downstairs of our house for him to learn. Maria Montessori’s philosophy really resonated with me and I came to realise that my parents taught me very similar values. To be independent, practical and always follow my own interests, and that’s exactly what I want for my own children as well.


What distinguishes Montessori from other ways of learning?

Montessori education is unique as it respects the child’s interests. It also recognises and promotes their independence through skill-based learning. It has suited my son’s needs as he is a visual and kinaesthetic learner. Montessori education has a balanced view of the child’s intellectual, physical, emotional as well as spiritual development, and this is what really inspired me to follow the approach.  


Have you arranged a children's room?

 Yes, we have a playroom in the downstairs of our home. I’ve set it up with different areas for my children to explore. These include a music area with a piano, which I play regularly. We also have a writing, mathematics, loose parts, kitchen and reading area as well as his shelves with carefully selected resources to suit their changing needs and development.

A lot of fun in Montessori?

 Montessori is a lot of fun as it follows the child’s individual and developing needs. My son thoroughly enjoys exploring what I’ve placed on his shelves each week. It also allows me to observe where he needs support with the most in his learning.


Does the moKee Wardrobe Mini combine fun and education?

 The moKee Wardrobe Mini is a beautiful Montessori inspired piece of furniture and the perfect addition to our home. Wilfred is able to select his own clothes now, promoting independence, as it is at his height. He looks forward to dressing himself each morning and is now learning how to put the hangers back on the rail too.

What characteristics of children's development can it influence?


 Learning to dress independently is an important life skill and there are a few different areas of development that it can influence and these are:

  • Gross motor: lifting arms and legs in specific coordinated motions into shirt sleeves and pant legs, and balancing to take off shoes and pants.
  • Fine motor: being able to use fingers to manipulate small objects (zippers, buttons, buckles, and laces).
  • Cognitive: being able to understand the sequence of putting on clothing and to think about how seasons and temperature affect what should be worn.


Do children become more independent?


Yes, children gain independence when their environment and caregivers facilitate this. I’m very mindful to step back and let my children learn and explore at their own pace but also ensuring the tools are there for them to do so. For instance, I’m going to place pictures on the wall (next to his moKee wardrobe) at his height, of the correct sequence in which he can dress himself. These will act as a visual prompt and build his confidence, so that eventually he will not need my help.


What do you think about the children's capsule wardrobe?


I really like the idea of a capsule wardrobe for children. They grow so quickly that it seems more appropriate to only buy what they need for a short amount of time and then replace each item when they grow into the next size. Also, I love the minimalist idea of it too and how sustainable a capsule wardrobe is.


Can it be made with a moKee Wardrobe mini?


I definitely think a capsule wardrobe can be made with a moKee Wardrobe mini! It is the perfect size to fit all of the items on. I love the shelf as well. There are endless possibilities of how you can arrange your child’s clothes on there. Wilfred absolutely loves learning how to dress himself now and the wardrobe mini has really helped play a huge part with that! It’s such a beautiful piece of furniture and fits so well with the rest of his room.

Design that newborns love...

A simple, smart and unique piece of furniture that will help develop your child's independence.

Blog 1 Mini Wardrobe
25 Jan 2021

Mini Wardrobe

Mini Wardrobe by Marta Szczepanik - 25.01.2020 A simple, smart...

Behind the scene with moKee designers

by Marta Szczepanik - 15.01.2020

We want to make sure each child has a cosy space and the best memories. Mieszko Polański graduated Industrial Design at Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź. He loves designing products made of wool felt. Katarzyna Surma studied Furniture Design at Academy of Fine Arts in Poznań. She also works as a graphic designer.

As a team they design furniture and every day accessories. They create most of moKee new products. We asked them to share a few secrets of their work.


Is designing for babies different? Because of how vulnerable they are and all the safety standards?


Of course, designing for babies is a lot different. The reason is simple - we cannot try the thing we created ourselves and decide if it’s comfortable or if something should be changed. We know how we would feel in different situations, we’ve had some practice in sitting, sleeping or working at the desk. But we cannot ask babies if the furniture meets their expectations. Even a child that can already speak won’t be able to tell us how in a long run, something will affect their posture. Luckily, we don’t have to reinvent the wheel - there are anthropometric data, research and standards we always start with. We always pay extra attention to it. At first, it might feel overwhelming - there is so much to check, but as a designer, I consider this an enormous help and blessing - it’s a good starting point and road map for any project. The safety standards help you choose the right one from countless ideas.

What inspires you?


That’s a hard question & a very popular one! It depends on what we are doing. I can say, in general, that I am inspired by my childhood. I remember many pieces of furniture and some design solutions. They were rarely perfect, but this makes them so interesting to work with. I remind myself of some of them and analyse. I remember all the crazy ideas me and my siblings had and I try to predict what kids may do with the furniture we are creating and how to make sure they will be safe with all those crazy ideas they will surely have, too.

Of course, the world is different today, and when we look at modern parents we can see how much more preservative they are. We also take into consideration what kind of surrounding parents want to give their children. And the need of every parent is also, obviously, our inspiration. We want to make sure each child has a cosy space and the best memories. Can any one of you say you have been swinging on the moon? But our kids will, and this is a nice thought.

You work with wood, natural felt & plywood. How important is the material for the designer and for the consumer? Are those perspectives different?


For sure those are different perspectives. I don’t expect the customer to consider how difficult the process of bending the plywood is. But maybe they do? From the designer point of view working with natural materials is the best thing that happened to us. We both hate ubiquitous plastic, and I believe there are more people like us. Working with wood allows us to move towards real craftsmanship with all the good things it brings. Not to mention the smell of joinery!

When it comes to felt, we have a lot of experience with this material and it surely makes our work more effective and helps to find creative solutions. We appreciate the fact that we can work with certified, sustainable materials produced in Europe. It gives us a feeling we are being fair with our customer

How long it takes to make a new cot bed from nothing. From the second an idea comes to your mind to the moment the final piece is ready to be placed in the baby's room?


There is no simple answer. Each project is different and this is the best and the worst thing in a designer’s job. Let’s compare two cot beds you’ve just seen. The first one is wooden with some parts upholstered. The idea came to us one evening and just drawing it was so much fun. We figured out a lot of options for different transformations of the bed. But when the day came, we came to reason, too. We knew we had to eliminate some features in the name of safety. Working on the digital project took us a few weeks. getting the prototype ready took even more time. On the entire project, we spent 3 months of intensive work.

Meanwhile, the second one is a simple metal cot. Here the hardest task was to find a new shape, different from anything on the market, but still minimalistic. I think what made the difference for us was the little detail - how the legs and joined with the upper panel. Creating the digital project took us only 1 day, and the whole thing was done within 2 weeks. Simple as that!


Is designing a team job? How do you work together and how come you are still on speaking terms?

It is, without any doubt, teamwork. This is the best approach. This way we don’t face unsolvable problems. If one of us can’t find a solution, the other one helps. Sometimes we call the third party to consult. Each design is a result of many people’s work. The two of use usually split work and I take the very beginning and the end - the fist and the final drawings. Mieszko deals with the production and all project discussions in the middle (the harder part, then).

I think that the reason this works so well is that we have a common taste and common goals. Also, we are both reasonable and we answer to argumentation. We don’t argue and we do not force our own crazy visions. Very often the conflict is resolved by safety standards, client or accountant. But the last-mentioned usually spoils all the fun.


What are you most proud of?


When it comes to nonmaterial things - I think it’s what Kasia just said - the way we cooperate. We spent a lot of time together and this requires withdrawing extreme emotions when things don’t go according to the plan. We motivate & inspire each other. We are a couple of workaholics, who love their job.

If you are asking about physical stuff, then I think at the moment we are most proud of the new Upholstered Cot Bed - so-called transformers among the cot beds. It was the most complex project, where compromising the standards & vision was extremely hard. It took hours in the workshop. I believe the result is unique and worth all those awake nights.

What are you working on right now?


The WoolChairs we are sitting on right now are going to have a younger brother and this is the thing that I have on my mind right now. We are also doing final designs for yet another bed - matching the Tipi Clothes Hanger. There are quite a few beds like that on the market, but ours will take into consideration a lot of functions and needs that are usually omitted. And there are new textile patterns. Quite a lot on our plate.


And your latest creations? Please tell us some more about the moKee news we’ve just seen.


We’ve said quite a lot about the new cot beds. You also had a chance to see a Baby Bouncer - Little Lullay. We tested it a lot, as we not only wanted to create a rocking item but to make sure the felt has a correct shape to sort of tuck the baby in. The other thing is a baby swing in a moon shape. It’s safe, it’s fun but it’s also an amazing designers’ item. The last thing worth mentioning from our novelties is Tipi Clothes Hanger, perfect for any Indian chief.


Do you test your designs on the way and how would you accept the fact that you need to start over, as it’s just not working the way it supposed? Are you the “it is working for me” type of people? Or do you go ahead and, crying a little, you tear the project and start a new one?


Of course, we are testing all the way. we need to be prepared for the toughest type of customer - children. If something needs to be started from scratch once again, there is no time for crying or holding to the past. we move on with new ideas. It’s refreshing, and sometimes you can go back to the old idea with a new point of view but without unnecessary pressure. It’s not me, who I am designing for, so it wouldn’t make sense to think “ it works for me”. with that kind of approach I wouldn’t get any joy and satisfaction at this job.

How do you stay creative and innovative? How to follow the trends and not to copy the existing solutions?


Watching the market closely is the most important thing to see what your competition is doing and to be a step ahead of them. To stay innovative I keep an eye on other industries to see the general trends, so I can anticipate what will be desired and needed by kids and their parents. Different designing industries are constantly interfusing. The important thing in being innovative is looking closely around you because if you are watchful you can find amazing solutions.


Any big plans for the next months?


We have some big plans, especially for older kids. Expect the transformable Upholstered bed for older siblings, which is fully adjustable to your needs.

Design that newborns love...

We are proud to announce that today we are launching the first-ever felt baby bouncer - moKee Little Lullay!

Blog 1 Behind the scene with moKee designers
15 Jan 2021

Behind the scene with moKee designers

Behind the scene with moKee designers by Marta Szczepanik -...