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At moKee, we don't just design and manufacture high-quality Moses baskets and cots – we produce some extremely funky accessories, too. Many parents who want a groovy product or two for their new family member will also want Moses baskets accessories that match their initial purchase. Of course, our Moses baskets can be used with other Moses basket linen and accessories but ours are designed to coordinate perfectly, making them the ideal choice for the discerning new parent who wants accessories that will match properly.

To begin with, moKee's superb Moses basket mattress products will provide your baby with the perfect thing to rest on when they are snuggled up. Our mattresses are designed to fit perfectly within our stylish Moses baskets and you can also obtain ultra-soft fitted sheets to go with them. Bear in mind that these are available no matter which of our Moses baskets you opt for - the Classic Wicker, the WoolNest or the Soft Seagrass. In addition, you can purchase an extra stand, if wanted. Our Moses baskets come supplied with these but you may want to have a spare if you intend moving your sleeping baby from room to room or if you know you will want one at a relative's home, for example.

When it comes to Moses baskets accessories will often make all the difference to the look as well as the feel of the product. For example, the Classic Wicker Moses basket has an optional liner that you can choose. Available in soft fabrics, our range of liners are easy to clean – you can just pop them in a conventional machine wash – but they really set off the Moses basket perfectly. The same goes for the WoolNest liner which comes in a choice of no less than five different colour options to suit all interior decorations styles. The Soft Seagrass liner is just as versatile with three different options to select from.

At moKee, we also produce some delightful fitted sheets for your precious new addition to the family to sleep on. These won't come untucked as your baby grows and wriggles around at night, so you can rest assured. These sheets fit perfectly with whichever mattress you have chosen, offering contoured edges and an elasticated hem that slips over securely in moments. This means that changing Moses basket linen becomes a breeze even if you are doing so in the middle of the night following a little accident. moKee's design team really has thought of everything!