Baby Textiles
Comfortable & high-quality textiles contribute to your baby's comfort. We used the best fabrics to create the moKee collection.

Baby Textiles

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Compact and cosy sleeping bags that guarantees to help the baby sleep soundly after a fun-filled day.
Playing has never been such fun and tidying never so easy!
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At moKee, we have all of the bedding and toy accessories you could wish for that coordinate fully with our furniture products. As a stylish design company that only makes chic items for nurseries and children’s bedrooms, our entire focus is to make items that work together in harmony from the point of view of style but which are nevertheless entirely practical. New parents and parents that are expecting a new addition to their family will notice this sort of approach with our range of nifty baby textiles, items which are essential for households with babies and toddlers. For example, the cool-looking moKee Baby Sleeping Bag is perfect for keeping your newborn wrapped up and snuggly when he or she is sleeping. Not only will it help your baby to get off into the land of nod, but it looks great when used with one of our Moses baskets or our cots, too.

When it comes to sleeping, our fitted cot sheets are also ideal for mattresses. Part of our baby textiles range, the moKee fitted cot sheets come in two sizes, 120 cm by 60 cm and 140 cm by 70 cm, to match our mini cots and our cot beds down to the ground. You can also choose from up to eight different colours including a 3D breathable fabric which will help your little one to feel comfortable at night. Then, there is our delightful Mini Baby Wrap which is great for getting your baby off to sleep when you are out and about or for simply carrying your infant when you are getting on with jobs. As you'd expect of moKee, it is a snazzy item that is soft to the touch, being made from organic cotton.

Bear in mind that moKee has some innovative products to choose from, too. The moKee Cot Teething Rail is designed to protect your little one as he or she starts to develop teeth. Not only does it prevent them from damaging the rail of their cot by chewing on it, but it means that their gums won't be harmed either. Another forward-thinking product from our baby textiles range is our Bamboo Muslin Squares. These are highly absorbent, great for swaddling and highly versatile - just the thing you need when feeding, bathing or changing. What's more, they go well with other bamboo-based products, such as our cosy blanket, helping you to maintain a coordinated look throughout your home.