Feeding & Bathing
All you need for keeping you and your baby happy during feeds and bath time!

Feeding & Bathing

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The ultimate must-have feeding chair to make you & your baby comfortable anytime you need it.
A high - quality footstool made from natural materials only including a solid beech frame and wool felt....
Take care of your body posture while feeding and avoid backache, thanks to the nursing pillow.
The indispensible, nursery must-have, for all manner of uses - the Muslin cloth. Available in different sizes and...
A space-saving, foldable baby bathtub.
Includes a support for small babies, making it easier to bath them safely.
What is best in nature has been integrated into a top quality design.
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At moKee, our design team produces some nifty feeding & bathing accessories to go alongside the other products we carefully manufacture. There are a number of cute but entirely functional nursery essentials you can choose from that are ideal when it comes to enjoyable bath times or feeding your newborn, for instance. Many of these are perfect for babies from the age of birth right through to several years old. As such - as well as offering some funky designs – they are designed to last and become much-loved items.

For example, the moKee Mini Baby Wrap is a great way to carry your baby around with you but still allowing you to have both hands free. Available in a choice of three colours, the Mini Baby Wrap is made entirely from organic cotton and it can be adjusted to use in various positions to accommodate many body positions. The product is easy to care for and can simply be laundered on a gentle cycle machine wash.

Another of our essential feeding & bathing accessories that any new parent can do with are our muslin squares. These highly versatile cleaning and bathing accessories are also good when feeding since they are ideal for dealing with little spillages here and there. The moKee range of muslin squares is particularly helpful because you can obtain matching ones in three different size options. They are derived from bamboo, meaning that they are also entirely natural. They can be placed into a normal wash, too, ideal for busy new parents who are always on the go! Another great product from our baby textiles range is the impressively groovy moKee knitted blanket. This is also made from bamboo, meaning it is great for mopping up, feeling soft against your baby's skin and even for wrapping them up cosily after a baby bath before bedtime.

When it comes to feeding accessories, moKee has it covered, too. Our WoolChair and WoolStool products, for instance, are the very thing for feeling comfortable as you prepare to feed your baby, making them particularly effective when you are getting up in the wee small hours for night feeds. In addition, tiring feeding sessions can be aided by our Mini Nursing Pillow, a great moKee design that helps to prevent back and neckache. Made from a combination of jersey and natural herringbone fabrics, this particular accessory is typical of the attention to detail that goes into so many of the cool baby products in the chic moKee range.