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It is not all about the cot! Complete your nursery with other furniture - from wardrobes to chest of drawers or feeding chairs.

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moKee Mini House is a perfect big kids bed for your toddler.
For your baby to be closer to the family and enjoy new flavors comfortably
The ultimate must-have feeding chair to make you & your baby comfortable anytime you need it.
New arrival from moKee! Discover the timeless design for toddlers and kids
A high - quality footstool made from natural materials only including a solid beech frame and wool felt....
A magic thing that makes a baby happy and mum's hands-free
It's very soft against the baby's skin, natural, cosy and easy to wash.
Transforms the moKee open Mini Wardrobe into a toddler-friendly closet
moKee Nursery Posters were created to be beautiful & fun addition to any baby's room. We used simple...
A beautiful and hand-woven natural Moses basket made of seagrass.
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As a funky design company that makes a wide range of different nursery items, such as Moses baskets and baby cots for little ones, it is worth noting just how many different types of furniture we make, too. If you are looking for furniture that will look good in any modern home and coordinate superbly with our groovy baby cots, then the various ranges at moKee offer the perfect solution. As a design-driven enterprise, moKee pays plenty of attention to the way in which nursery storage works with our other products, such as cot beds, for example. What sorts of nursery furniture can you choose to complement your baby's room?

To begin with, moKee makes coordinating cot drawers which will slide underneath your baby's cot. This means you can store essential nighttime items like linen and blankets just where they are needed. However, you don't need to store such items in our cot drawers if you don't want to because they are optional extras. There are plenty of other nursery storage options instead, after all. For instance, you might like to check out the trendy moKee Schpinkle Open Shelving unit. This provides both covered storage as well as room for display items. If you'd prefer something that tidies everything away instantly, then the Schpinkle Chest of Drawers and the Schooper Storage Box are just the ticket. What's more, these come in with a selection of different colours to match your choice of baby cot, too.

On the other hand, if you are looking for nursery shelves, then the Schplendid product range will fit the bill. Look at the Schplendid Slider Shelves or the Schplendid Open Shelving unit for the sort of cool yet functional nursery shelves that are on offer. These Scandinavia designs are both made from solid beech and pine and will set any nursery off perfectly, still looking good as your baby grows into his or her bedroom.

Parents who want somewhere to sit in their baby's nursery are catered for by moKee's extensive collection, as well. A prime example is the moKee WoolChair which is great for cuddling your infant on or for feeding. It is soft and comfy and will provide a great place to relax during pregnancy, too. There again, you could always opt for our ingenious Mini Sofa which converts one of our cot beds into a settee once your baby has got too big to sleep in theirs any longer.