Nursery Storage
No storage leads to chaos! Here we have loads of great storage solutions to help calm your soul!

Nursery Storage

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Every nursery needs a laundry basket - especially one like this.
Toys, books or photo frames... They require a special place in the baby’s room! Keep all those accessories...
The minimalistic design of the drawer maximises storage space .
Get more storage space with Pokee Cot Organiser. 13 pockets of different shapes & sizes to be filled...
Discover our collection of felt boxes that will help you keep the nursery clean, tidy - and looking...
Groovy woven seagrass basket with orange patterns!
Transforms the moKee open Mini Wardrobe into a toddler-friendly closet
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You can never have enough storage when you have a newborn to welcome into your home. As well as storing all of your baby textiles and baby clothes, you will also need spare capacity for things like toys, snuggly blankets and feeding paraphernalia. Helpfully, moKee has all of the stylish nursery storage items that today's parents want. Like all of the other products in moKee's various ranges, our funky and fun approach to design means that you will find nursery furniture that is in keeping with the rest of your interior design preferences. Our modern and aesthetically pleasing design cues are the very thing for modern parents and parents-to-be because we offer practical as well as well-formed products.

To kick things off, why not take a look at our cot storage? The moKee Pokee is a great case in point because you can simply attach it to the end of one of our groovy cots and it will provide you with convenient access to whatever you need. Want to grab a favourite toy or book as you pick your baby up to comfort them? The Pokee means you can do so with ease from one of its pockets because you need just one free hand. There again, a moKee Mini Drawer can be purchased as well. This is a cot drawer that sits underneath the mattress which you can pull out without disturbing your little one's slumber. It is ideal for spare bedding and clothing, among other things.

Other nursery storage options include our nifty Felt Box products which are soft to the touch but ideal for filling up with odds and end you want to be tidied away. They stand alone or can be placed on one of our great-looking shelving units depending on your preference. Another chic cubby hole for toys and books is the moKee Schooper Storage Box. This is a sturdy yet stylish item that looks great next to one of our cots, sharing the same depth dimension to coordinate well. It has a hinged lid which is covered with soft felt so it makes for a handy little seat, too.

Finally, it is worth considering the benefits of our Soft Seagrass Laundry Basket, as well. This goes perfectly with the moKee Soft Seagrass Moses basket, of course, but it also looks great on its own. This item may look and feel soft but it is also durable enough to cope with the everyday knocks it will undoubtedly get as your baby grows.