We are moKee

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We are a small team of passionate baby room designers. We want to give babies the best start in life. Our collection of baby furniture stands out for its quality, design and exceptional value!

Our commitments

Our focus is the safety of our products and importantly, the quality and provenance of the materials we use. Our cots are made of FSC certified beech wood which is tough, durable and has a straight grain and texture. Our textiles include the softest felt made from Italian wool. We are proud to give moKee babies the finest and softest start to life.


We take care
of all our customers

We want your moKee experience to be the best. We know this is an important moment in your life.


We ship our products
directly from our workshops

That’s why our prices are always competitive!


Right now, we are
at the top of our game

We acknowledge that was not always the case… But that’s the past… moKee has never been better!


We work
all over Europe

When we meet things can get silly…!