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All in one - take care of your child & the environemnt!

Your baby’s comfort is the most important value. Using Groovy Bums not only help to protect the environment, but it is also better for the newborn’s skin. They are soft, well-shaped and they adapt to the body. Their size is adjustable by means of a nap in front of the diaper. Groovy Bums consist of the cloth diaper shell and the organic soaked pad. Shells are available in four different colours, so you can choose your favourite one or mix all of them! Who said that nappies have to be boring? For sure nobody at moKee!

During the infancy your baby may need approximately 5000 nappy changes, so choosing reusable nappies may positively affect your wallet, the plane and - what the most significant - your baby’s wellbeing. Soaking pads are made of organic cotton, the most natural & delicate material. Choose the colour that you like the most: Cloudy Sky, Lotus, Persimmon or Vanilla and discover the advantages of using the reusable nappies!


✓ Materials:
- The Cloth Diaper Shell: 100% Polyester (inner body), 100% Water Resistant Polyester TPU (outer)
- The Soaking Pad: 100% Organic Cotton (inner body), 88% Polyester/12% Cotton (leg gussets), 100% Water Resistant Polyester TPU (outer)

✓ Suitable for newborns from 3kg to 15kg

✓ The diaper’s care:
1. Before using the diapers, wash with detergent and dry
2. Repeat the operation at least 5-6 times, only then the cartridges with the correct washing will absorb properly

✓ Washing shells:
1. Unclip the soaking pad from the shell
2. Cover velcro to secure it while washing
3. After washing, the shells should be hung. We do not recommend drying in a tumble dryer as high temperature can damage the material
4. Do not use bleaches and emollients

✓ Washing cartridges:
1. Place dirty soaking pads in a dry bucket without having to pre-soak
2. Carry out best every 2 days in warm water using a detergent
3. Can be dried in a dryer
4. Do not use bleachers or softeners.

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