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Keep your baby safe, comfortable & happy with our range of cot accessories - from cot mattresses to mobiles.

Cot Accessories

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A soothing mattress for a deep relaxing sleep. Available in two sizes!
A combination of organic coconut husk, lambswool and the softest cotton guarantee sound sleep.
A combination of style and functionality. Discover the benefits of the changing mat with removable covers. The set...
There is a way to turn a room into a magical room. A simple trick to make a...
Breathe easy with this super safe and clean mattress!
Our high-quality sheepskin rug can be used as a nursery's decoration or a play mat. Soft and fluffy,...
Get more storage space with Pokee Cot Organiser. 13 pockets of different shapes & sizes to be filled...
The minimalistic design of the drawer maximises storage space.
A space-saving mat that can be attached to your cot. Available in two sizes and three different colours!...
Discover the moKee collection of bedding sets that will improve your baby's sleep!
Protect your baby's comfort and the cot's mattress with our range of fitted sheets. Available in two sizes...
Beautiful natural or synthetic duvet and pillow for children one year upwards.
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At moKee, our design team has come up with some incredibly funky cots and cot beds full of Scandinavian chic. However, our nifty range of nursery products does not end with those items, because you can accessorise them with matching ones that will add to the style of your little one's sleeping quarters no end. So, if you are looking for stylish cot accessories to go alongside your moKee WoolNest or Mini Cot, then you can rest assured that we have something suitable for you.

Many new parents are not sure which of our cot mattresses will be best for their baby, especially if it is their first child. Of course, all of our cot mattresses are great for helping infants get off to sleep but there are particular advantages of different ones. So, you could accessorise your cot with a second mattress, if wanted, so you can try your baby out with more than one option at your disposal. Our Ramen mattress, for example, makes it seem like your baby is sleeping on a bed of air while our Aloe Vera mattresses provide exceptional comfort along with protection from things like airborne allergens.

Our cot bedding range is another groovy accessory to add to your collection. For example, the moKee duvet and pillow set is made from 100 per cent virgin wool, a soft material that is totally recyclable and biodegradable. There again, you might like to check out our bedding set which is available in a choice of complementary colours to match our cots. Designed by our in-house team, every stitch has been given a great deal of attention to detail to ensure a consistent look whilst still affording your baby every level of comfort they could be exposed to.

The available moKee cot accessories also include a set of caster wheels which you can attach to your cot or cot bed to make it easier to move around. There again, we also make a delightful Mini Mobile that will entertain your little one as he or she drops off to sleep or wakes up in the morning. Practical items also include the Pokee – a handy storage unit that you can hang off your cot to stow away essential baby items or even toys. Finally, another accessory worth mentioning is the Mini Pod. This product is great for baby naps and taking with you when you are out and about together so your infant always has a comfy place to rest his or her head.