What colour to choose for a child’s room? Check our colours jigsaw puzzle.

by Marta Szczepanik - 02.08.2021

Choosing colours for a child’s room, when a baby is about to appear in the world, is often a problem for future parents. Most of them struggle with choosing the colour of a baby cot. This is where we come to the rescue. Our colour palette makes the decision much easier.

Did you know that humans can distinguish between 10 million colours all based on the primary colours red, yellow and blue? These combinations create an unusual colour palette that accompanies us every day. Colours that surround us add variety to our everyday life. These are both delight and positive emotions as well as negative feelings that we would like to avoid. That is why the right choice is so important. Especially if we are talking about a baby’s corner. In its colour palette moKee offers as many as eight colours of Mini baby cots. So which one will be perfect for your interior?


White will work in a small interior and make the room appear larger. It will reflect daylight and warm up the baby’s corner. White is a classic that will perfectly match a classic interior, but it will also resonate against the background of intense wall colours or beautiful children’s wallpapers. It will also add a lot of cosiness and peace.




White and wood are the perfect combination for people looking for modern furniture for modern interiors, often inspired by the Scandinavian style. The classic combination of white and wood will visually enlarge a child’s room, and a cot in this colour will better suit other light wood furniture and accessories in the room.




A bold colour more and more chosen by parents for their child’s room. Stone blue has a calming and toning effect. It also stands out beautifully against the background of colourful walls and in the company of other colourful accessories in a child’s room. A classic, more and more often chosen by interior designers, leaving the field clear for creating the perfect interior for the youngest.




Ivory Plum is a bold, but also extremely delicate colour. Pink calms you down, has a soothing effect and, most importantly, makes you feel positive! From the very moment of looking at our Ivory Plum baby cot, we feel joy and a desire to arrange beautiful child’s interiors. Ivory Plum means a glamour style! It is a fashionable choice and an even more fashionable, stylish accent in a child’s room. It appeals to us completely!




The calming and soothing combination of yellow and wood is a proposal for those parents who want to create a warm and cheerful corner for their baby. This is a combination that will certainly improve the mood of the whole family and make the stay and development of your child in the room with such a nice accent, full of positive energy.




The colour of stone, despite its name, is not a difficult colour to use in a child’s room. Its uniqueness and beauty has a calming and soothing effect. It is a proposal for people who love natural accents and for those who like to be close to nature. Stone teal, a colour associated with peace and relaxation, is a good and original choice that will perfectly match your baby’s corner. It will make it an exceptionally cosy place.




If you are looking for a colour that is associated with optimism and good humour, dusty aqua will be the perfect choice. The mint cot will enliven the interior and add character to it. Our bright and beautiful mint goes perfectly with bright accessories. It will also be a great starting point to develop the space further with pastels playing the main role. Well thought-out mint in a baby’s corner guarantees modernity in an interior arranged by parents.




The trend for monochrome interiors is in bloom! And we like it. We also disenchant black and use it to create our baby cot. We know that it will give character to a baby’s corner, make it cosy and make you forget about boredom for a long time. We are enthusiasts of the combination of black with white walls and delicate accessories. This combination will give character to your interior and make it appear larger. Black will be perfect for it.




Deciding and choosing the perfect colour for your baby’s cot is not easy. We come to your aid! Order the colour palette and find your dream colour, thanks to which you will create a dream room for your baby.

Design that newborns and toddlers love...

What colour to choose for a child’s room? Check our colour palette.

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06 Aug 2021

Mix and mingle colours!

What colour to choose for a child’s room? Check our...

Happy Father’s Day!

by Marta Szczepanik - 20.06.2021

Fathers - wizards who can turn a child's sadness into great joy. They are strongmen who are becoming more and more involved in their unique role.

They are here and now, supporting their partners, for better and for worse. It is with them that the first, most important moments in a child's life happen and it is with them that we want to go through life.

We have been waiting for this moment to whisper a word to Fathers, to celebrate their day, and to pause with them for a moment and talk about fatherhood. We asked our befriended dads what surprised them most about being a dad? Look what they told us!
Isn't that magic?

The most surprising thing about being a dad is the joy I’ve found in the simplest things.
Waking up to a smiling baby, the excitement of splashing in water, deciding with my partner if a noise our baby makes is an actual word or just a noise, the face they make when trying a new food. Pure joy from such simple things.

Henry @henryweir_


Fatherhood is full of weird, wonderful and life changing surprises...
I have an immense, renewed, even bigger respect for my own parents. I can hand on heart say it must have been challenging, tough and they are real life superhero’s, like all parents are. I’m surprised at realising that you have won at life if you have children, it’s the greatest achievement, I will cherish this forever and I will never take it for guaranteed.
I’m a better person, more fulfilled and I would choose being with my children, wife, our family over anything, even watching West Ham United.

Adam @adamryantwin

What surprised me most about being a dad? I have never thought about it. Due to the fact that I was brought up in a family with many children, I dealt with small children on a daily basis. The educational or nursing aspects were not a big surprise because I knew the drill.
The great love that came just after seeing my son was not surprising, either.
My inner change was probably what surprised me most about being a dad. I mean, with time, when you start living next to your child, you suddenly feel that what you want for yourself is not important anymore. The most important thing is what your child wants and needs.

Antek @pierwszytata

Happy Father’s Day!
For all Dads out there! You are doing a great and priceless job!


Design that newborns and toddlers love...

Happy Father’s Day! For all Dads out there! You are doing a great and priceless job!

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21 Jun 2021

moKee Father's Day!

Happy Father’s Day! by Marta Szczepanik - 20.06.2021 Fathers -...

This is how the last year looked like for moKee

by Marta Szczepanik - 17.06.2021

We really like recaps! We like to go back in time and remember what’s behind us. Such balance is full of nice touches that we would not like to forget. We create moKee for you and for your beloved ones.

We can assure you that we are having fun doing it! Because the moKee team consists of passionate people who, with good moods and many ideas, make their dreams come true. Because we like to be together, because we do not lack good ideas and moments when we cry with laughter. We work as a team (despite remote work from different parts of the world), supporting and motivating each other. That’s really cool! Thank you for creating with us a brand which prioritizes comfort and care for those you love the most.

Take a look behind the scenes of moKee and read our recap of what has happened and changed over the past year.

moKee photo shoot and moKee catalogue

A lot was happening! A huge, three-day photo shoot and a large group of children invited to participate in the project was really something! Our last year’s photo shoot included countless products on the set and three unique interiors combined with original stylizations. The results we are very proud of can be viewed in the moKee trends catalogue, which you can download here. Let yourself be inspired and create beautiful interiors for your children with us. We look forward to the next photo shoot, which we will organize and to which each member of the moKee team will add their brick of knowledge and experience.

Virtual event - online meeting - moKee in the clouds

We will not forget this event for a long time. Behind the scenes we were bustling like ants in an anthill because we don’t often have a chance to meet you. And although the pandemic effectively thwarted our plans for a live meeting, the virtual space successfully made up for the obstacles and the moKee in the clouds event turned out to be a success! A lot of substantive information about moKee products, an overview of new arrivals, conversations with moKee designers and the Live Birth School. We toasted this event and we are already waiting for a repeat. Will you meet us again? We hope so!

moKee Lullay Baby Bouncer

We had been working on it for months, dreaming of creating a bouncing masterpiece. And here it is - the best materials (FSC certified beech wood, our beloved felt and surgical steel), a new approach to design (the bouncer’s legs gently lower under the child's weight, enough for the felt to wrap the child around and adjust to the shape of the child’s body), beautiful and durable. We started with a bold idea and faith that we can create a bouncer that is slightly different than what we see on the market - and better. We were sketching, discussing, testing and here it is – moKee Lullay Baby Bouncer. We would bounce in it ourselves!

moKee Online Birth School

We have had exceptional meetings during which we talked about extremely important topics related to pregnancy and childbirth. Together with the experts invited to participate in the event, we answered the questions bothering future parents and clarified all doubts. We showed the right direction when difficult emotions and fears appeared on the horizon, and we suggested where to look for help. Thank you for being with us!


The passing year brought successive waves of the pandemic and more difficult experiences which are fortunately behind us. It’s great that we could have supported you! Together, we motivated ourselves not to lose our good mood and to look at what is ahead of us with serenity. The #mokeecare project has been with us for the last few months and in line with it, we managed to look optimistically into the future, while the pandemic was reigning outside. Believe us, it wasn’t easy for us at that time, either! But the amount of jokes that accompanied us every day made up for this strange time.

Our loyalty program is already one year old!

Launched on the occasion of moKee's 7th birthday, the loyalty program gains new, engaged users with each new day! Join it, too! Collect points, exchange them for prizes and discounts. Recommend moKee to your friends, like us on Facebook and Instagram, let's create a great moKee family together!


We do not like to be late

All our projects have deadlines for yesterday. Do you know this feeling? We do very well, which is why we also take care of the quick implementation of each order. Most of our shipments leave our warehouse within one day from the date of placing the order. We monitor all shipments and keep you informed about their status. Do you need your parcel even faster? We have also launched Express Delivery by air. We have no influence on random events in your parcel’s journey, but we do our best to ensure that it is shipped to you as soon as possible.

Affiliation – it works!

Do you run a lifestyle or parenting channel in social media, write a blog or just start your adventure in the virtual world? Start earning money from affiliation. Recommend our products, generate links in the affiliate program and collect a commission for every purchased product you recommend. The affiliate program launched last year is a step forward in the development of the brand, for which we thank you!

moKee is growing with you

It’s probably time you were looking for a new bed for your toddler! The moKee designers are constantly working to make moKee grow with you! We improve our designs and try to think about the healthy development of children! We want to give you all the best in children’s furniture.

Spring and summer bring more new products!

Our daily meetings result in new ideas that we try to implement with great commitment. We work together on all projects. We combine the experience of moKee designers, the technical department and the customer service department. We consult our ideas with befriended parents. We are parents ourselves! And although some of us are parents of children who are already growing up, we have fun when we can create something for younger ones. We refine every new product from A to Z, because we know that it will soon become part of your world.

Tell us what you think about us!

It is extremely important for our work and continuous improvement of its quality. Every opinion left here is a step forward in improving both our products and the quality of our customer service. Tell us what you think!


Design that newborns and toddlers love...

We really like recaps! We like to go back in time and remember what’s behind us. We create moKee for you and for your beloved ones.

Blog 1 moKee's Birthday!
18 Jun 2021

moKee's Birthday!

This is how the last year looked like for moKee...

Ten meetings behind us!

by Marta Szczepanik - 20.05.2021

Ten meetings behind us! Let's sum up this amazing time! Thank you for your participation and the interest in our free moKee Birth School Online. The spring edition again attracted many future parents. It was a great time.

Together with our friendly moKee specialists, we talked about many important topics. There were talks about childbirth, anaesthetics and possible complications after childbirth. We discussed the important issue of emotions during pregnancy and how to control them.

We also delved into the topic of home birth and hypnobirthing. We provided knowledge about caring for a newborn baby and about breastfeeding. We talked about the puerperium and how mums feel after giving birth. The meetings lasted an hour, and there were also many questions from you.

We have collected the recordings in one place, which you can download to listen to them again!  

How to prepare yourself for the arrival of the baby



Stages of labour



Pain relief options



Emotions in pregnancy & after birth



Complications in labour & induction of labour



Hypnobirth with The Hypnobirthing Experts






Caring for a newborn - what you need to know



Breastfeeding & lactation: all the basics to start your milky way



Postpartum - let's talk about the mum recovering




Thank you for your participation!

We believe that all the meetings will contribute to your smooth start in parenthood!

moKee Team

Design that newborns and toddlers love...

We are delighted to introduce you to our new products for school and preschool-age children!

Blog 1 moKee Birth School Online
21 May 2021

moKee Birth School Online

Ten meetings behind us! by Marta Szczepanik - 20.05.2021 Ten...

moKee is growing with you!

by Marta Szczepanik - 13.05.2021

We have done it again! We have once again diversified our project range to include designs that grow with you. We are delighted to introduce you to our new products for school and preschool-age children!

We are honoured to be part of the amazing world of little explorers! We want to be at your side in those moments that are worth remembering and touching.

We wish to grow with the children and accompany them on this amazing adventure. The period of exploring the world is the most wonderful time, in which we have the privilege of being with you. We are continuously working with the moKee design team on the products we proudly present to you today.

moKee Junior Bed

The first Junior cot of which we are very proud! Its minimalist design and soft colour scheme will help create a dream room for older preschoolers. Are you facing a difficult decision to change your baby's bed for a bigger one? With the Junior Bed, you secure your older preschooler with the included railing. With it, you will be able to sleep at ease!


moKee Mini House Bed


moKee makes the little ones' dream of a magical place in the children's room come true. moKee Mini House Bed bed has been perfected in every detail. Complete the set with a drawer and create the perfect place for every growing child to feel comfortable and secure.


Mini Wardrobe

Learning to dress and put on shoes with the moKee Mini Wardrobe is pure fun for little explorers. Meet the simple, clever and unique piece of furniture that will help develop your child's independence. Here everything is perfectly in place. The small hangers included in the set hold tiny dresses and shorts, while the felt cover turns the Mini Wardrobe into a theatre, with a stage and cotton curtains. 


Novelty - Tipi Bed - coming soon !

We can't wait to present our latest product - Tipi Bed to the world! Soon, we will present you with another work of our carpenters, made with great attention to detail and perfected to create a place for fun and rest for every child.




Check out our latest video starring products for school and preschool-age children! The fun and amazing energy of the three siblings is a sign that with moKee products, the children's interior can become a great space for learning and exploring the world.

Design that newborns and toddlers love...

We are delighted to introduce you to our new products for school and preschool-age children!

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13 May 2021

moKee is growing with you!

moKee is growing with you! by Marta Szczepanik - 13.05.2021...

Sensory Stepping Stones

by Marta Szczepanik - 26.03.2021

The Sensory Stepping Stones are a multicoloured, creative and fun obstacle course. It supports cognitive development (including speech!), motor skills, balance, builds spatial awareness, hand-eye and foot-eye coordination.

This type of play helps children to develop and improve their concentration and is a great way to introduce children to new sensory experiences.

In addition to helping children become aware and discover their senses, playing on the sensory path stimulates concentration, which allows the child to calm down and focus on the task.

Frequent playing on the Sensory Stepping Stones will contribute to better school performance. It allows building new connections in the brain that are responsible for the interpretation of visual or tactile stimuli, which enable children to perform complex, multistage tasks.

The hexagon-shaped panels contain natural fillings. Walking along the path is an excellent exercise in tactile discrimination. All Sensory Stepping Stones are secure and non-slip, which allows for safe playing and even jumping.


Let’s make with moKee a creative and entertaining obstacle course!

Source and photos: https://emokke.com/en/

Design that newborns love...

Let’s make with moKee a creative and entertaining obstacle course!

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26 Mar 2021

Sensory Stepping Stones

Sensory Stepping Stones by Marta Szczepanik - 26.03.2021 The Sensory...

Be like a mum!

by Marta Szczepanik - 12.01.2020

We know that this it's a time full of love and amazing emotions. Today we are writing just about mother’s emotions! How does the mother feel? How does it feel for her when the baby arrives home? What's the most surprising thing about being a mum according to you?

We asked six mothers about this. Mums you may know from Instagram, and if you don't know them yet, check out their profiles!

Here is what they told us!


@crazynewmumma - Mum of Mya & Freddie

The most surprising part for me is how much you love them. This doesn’t always happen straight away but when it does arrive the love is so strong I wasn’t expecting it. It’s like no love I have ever experienced before! You look at their little faces and know you would move heaven and earth for them. Such an amazing blessing!

@earlyyearswonders - Mum of Florrie and Wilfred

Being a mum has completely changed my life, even more so than I thought it would have done. The bond between myself and my children is unconditional... They are like tiny miracles that I am in awe of every single day. The most surprising thing about being a mum is being able to remember things my mum did for me... and now I’m doing these exact things for my own children, it has made appreciate my mum so much more!! I also feel extremely proud when I see my own children do things on their own and in their own way. I love watching them grow and seeing the wonder on their faces. Being a mum is the hardest but most rewarding ‘job’ I’ve ever had and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

@fivelittledoves - Mum of Lewis, Eva, Megan, Harrison and Joseph

The most surprising thing about being a Mum for me was just how much it changed EVERYTHING! When I was pregnant with my first I assumed our lives would remain very much the same, and that I would be the same person afterwards, but everything changed! It changed me both mentally and physically, it changed my priorities, my relationships with others, my hopes for the future. Nothing has ever been the same again but I wouldn't change it for the world (just a little more sleep maybe....!).

@laurenjessiewilliams_ - Mum of George Dougie and Paisley Dolly

I would say the thing that surprised me the most about becoming a mother was how I finally realised the meaning of life. I dead no idea how complete I would feel from the moment I held my first baby. And now until forever, as long as I have my beautiful children, there will be nothing missing from my world. (Also it’s surprised me how I would happily pick someone else’s bogies haha)

@yevtopyer- Mum of Benjamin

Motherhood is full of surprises! Every hour of the day.
I guess that nobody really talks about the phenomenon of the “4th trimester” & it’s hardships. Nobody tells you that you will have to pull yourself together both physically and mentally but at the same time have to be there 24/7 for the little human that totally depends on you. And that It’s not easy (not even close to) to get used to this new routine & to the fact that your life will never be the same. Your relationship with your partner / husband won’t be the same. With your friends. But above all - with yourself. The most important lesson here for me was to not lose myself in the never ending daily routine & at the same time to allow myself to be a full time mom, to let everything else be secondary. To dedicate myself to this little perfect creature that totally depends on me. To live with this huge responsibility every day. To live UP to it. To enjoy every single moment by his side. To cry ( loud & clear) when it’s too hard. To dare to ask for help when needed & to learn to accept it when offered. To let go things in life is still the hardest lesson of all. To accept that life will never be the same , I won’t be the same - But I’ll be better every day because I grow together with my little Benjamin, learning how to enjoy the smallest things in life to the fullest. Again <3


@notafictionalmum - Mum of Nemo

For me, the most surprising thing is how much you start to life your life like a toddler. Not the cheese smearing or reverting to using a potty. I mean the excitement of life, the way you start to see everything again for the first time through their eyes. The way you excited about snow, spring flowers sprouting and the sunshine bursting through the curtains. He's taught me not to look past what's right in front of our eyes every, single, day.

@minicupcakediaries - Mum of Bean

The most surprising this about being a mum is how naturally it’s come to me. I thought I’d struggle to be honest but every day I’m amazed at myself and by how much I love it!

Happy Mother's Day from moKee!

Design that newborns love...

We know that this it's a time full of love and amazing emotions. Today we are writing just about mother’s emotions!

Blog 1 Be like a mum!
12 Mar 2021

Be like a mum!

Be like a mum! by Marta Szczepanik - 12.01.2020 We...

moKee loyalty program

by Marta Szczepanik - 25.02.2021

We decided that we’d set up “We Are moKee”, our loyalty and benefits programme, to say a huge thank you to you all!

Being parents ourselves, we know how much work and planning is put into baby’s arrival. It’s hard, but rewarding work. And at moKee we particularly understand the work involved in organizing and creating the nursery. We want to make that as easy and rewarding as possible, and we decided that we’d set up “We Are moKee”, our loyalty and benefits programme, to say a huge thank you to you all!

So how does it work? You'll receive points for every purchase at our store and then those points can be redeemed for your future orders at moKee. All you need to do is create your account and be logged in whenever you decide to place the order.

We will reward you with 10 points for each £10 spent at our store.

But that's just the start! You will get 100 points just for creating the account and if you follow us on Instagram or on Facebook, you'll get another 100 points! It's worth it - not only do you get the points, but you'll receive valuable and helpful content each month (no spam, we promise!).

At moKee we believe sharing is caring so if you recommend moKee to anybody, they will receive £10 off on their first order (min. value of £250) and you'll be rewarded with 500 points. You can recommend us to as many people as you want! The more, the better for YOU!

Sounds interesting? Join now and benefit from our loyalty program!

To sum up, the points are given as follow:

- 100 points for creating the account,

- 100 points for following moKee on Instagram,

- 100 points for following moKee on Facebook,

- 500 points for referring us to the friend (points are given when the friend places an order and it's fulfilled).

- 10 points for each £10 spent at our store.

100 points equals £1 that you can use to pay for your next order. To redeem the points, just log in to your account, add products to the basket and use points as the payment option at the checkout.

Design that newborns love...

We decided that we’d set up “We Are moKee”, our loyalty and benefits programme, to say a huge thank you to you all!

Blog 1 moKee loyalty program
25 Feb 2021

moKee loyalty program

moKee loyalty program by Marta Szczepanik - 25.02.2021 We decided...

New arrival shopping list for toddlers

by Madlena Szeliga - 10.02.2021

As @notafictional mum says: Some make it home a little bit later.

For them & their parents, we've created a NEW ARRIVAL SHOPPING LIST, a toddler version.

Adoptive parents are as new to parenthood as pregnant ones. They have a lot of shopping to do & no clue what is a must-have and what is useless.

And if you are not an adoptive parent, but your little baby is not so little anymore and you wonder what furniture & accessories you need now - this list is also for you.

Design that newborns love...

A shopping list for adoptive parents expecting a toddler. A list created by moKee & @notaficionalmum. The list will be also very useful for all parents that have babies that are not so little anymore. Check what's next to get.

Blog 1 New arrival shopping list for toddlers
10 Feb 2021

New arrival shopping list for toddlers

New arrival shopping list for toddlers by Madlena Szeliga -...