Moses Basket Mattresses
The mattresses that will aid your baby's early stages of development. Choose between our Aloe Foam or Natural mattresses.

Moses Basket Mattresses

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The WoolNest mattress your baby needs to sooth into a deep relaxing sleep. Two filling options available! Shipping...
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As a stylish design company that produces lots of on-trend products for new parents who want items for their nursery that will look chic, the team at moKee know that baby products have to be practical as well elegant. This is certainly the case with Moses basket mattresses, of course, whether you want a natural foam filling or another material. This is because the mattress is the part that will provide all of the support and comfort that your little one needs to enjoy a good night's rest. Although our WoolNest, Classic Wicker and Soft Seagrass Moseses baskets all look great in and in-keeping with contemporary design ideas, the mattresses we make for them fulfil every sleeping requirement you could wish for.

For example, our WoolNest mattress is designed to fit in perfectly with any of our WoolNest felt Moses baskets with exactly the right dimensions. You have a choice of two different WoolNest mattresses. You could opt for a moKee Aloe Vera mattress, for example, which gives your baby the chance to get off to sleep in a trice and to stay soundly in slumber once he or she has nodded off. There is a machine-washable quilted cover with this product which you can unzip easily - ideal for dealing with little accidents here and there. Inside is a breathable natural foam mattress that provides a high level of comfort for prolonged sleeping.

There again, your WoolNest can also come supplied with a Natural mattress instead. This product is made entirely from materials that are free from any chemicals. Organically-sourced coconut husk fibres are used to form the core layer of this mattress, providing sturdiness as well as cosiness in equal measure. What's more, it has a cooling cotton outer layer that will keep your baby's body temperature evenly regulated no matter what the weather is like.

The same choice of a Natural or an Aloe Vera mattress is available for our Classic Wicker Moses baskets – so you get the same benefits regardless of which type you opt for. Alternatively, if you choose a Soft Seagrass Moses basket, then you can opt for an Aloe Foam mattress as standard or choose to upgrade to a natural one if you prefer. Again, these mattresses as designed to fit in with the size and shape of your Soft Seagrass Moses basket. You will also obtain a soft cotton liner in white to sit around the mattress with this particular product.