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A soothing mattress for a deep relaxing sleep.
A soothing mattress for a deep relaxing sleep.
The WoolNest Aloe Vera mattress your baby needs to sooth into a deep relaxing sleep.
A soft place to grow.
A combination of organic coconut husk, lambswool and the softest cotton guarantee sound sleep.
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At moKee, parents can find the perfect cot or cot bed for their new addition to the family. Not only is our range stylish and quite funky in its design touches, but it is full of practicality, too. This is very much in evidence with our superb array of cot mattresses. These are designed to fit hand in glove with our cots and cot beds so that you will have a very streamlined look when using them together. However, they are also just as functional as they are good looking. This is because they are designed to help your little one to get to sleep and – even more crucially for most parents – to stay asleep once they have headed off into the land of nod. Looking for chic cot mattresses that provide a perfect environment to sleep on? Browse through the groovy moKee range and you will not be disappointed with the level of choice.

To begin with, there are our Ramen cot mattresses which are made from a high-performance polymer that is so squishy and soft you have to feel it to believe it. This material means your baby will be properly supported even though he or she will be cushioned in a way that feels like floating on air. The Ramen mattress is so named because the Japanese polymer used actually resembles noodles. The soft cot mattress liner can be removed with ease, allowing you to clean the 'noodle' inner in the shower. Like our other cot mattresses, the Ramen is fully compliant with the relevant standard, BS 7177, to assure you of complete peace of mind.

Then, there are our highly sought-after Aloe Vera cot mattresses. This product type has a reflex foam filling that is highly breathable and good in both hot and cold conditions. Available in multiple sizes, it is perfect for newborn babies as well as toddlers. If you are looking for the best of both worlds, then how about one of our hip Natural cot mattresses? These are so-called because they boast a coco-latex core layer which is carefully made from organically-sourced coconut husk fibres. moKee's Natural cot mattresses do a great job of getting your baby to sleep as well as helping to avoid harmful allergens which might prevent a quiet night. This is due to the fact that they are made from chemical-free materials throughout. This includes the baby textiles used for the covers, of course, which are made from 100 per cent untreated cotton.