Cots & Beds (140x70)

Spacious cots beds that are suitable from birth and grow up with your baby to be converted into toddler beds.

Cots & Beds (140x70)

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Let us introduce the most desirable 140x70 cot on the market – the Midi Cot by moKee! Discover its simple but timeless...
moKee Mini House is a perfect big kids bed for your toddler.
Make your child's dreams come true and create a magical space with the Tipi Bed
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Anyone who is looking for a cot that can later turn into a bed for their baby as it outgrows it should consider the merits of the range offered by moKee. Not only are our designs stylish and perfect for any on-trend parents who want high-quality touches in their interior design, but they are utterly practical from a parenting point of view, too. Because our 140 x 70 cot beds are produced to cope with the needs of a growing family, they can be used from the time when your baby is a newborn right up until the age of six. This means that they will be able to transition as their sleeping habits change during their development whilst always being able to return to a bed that they are completely familiar with.

moKee's midi cots are incredibly functional, offering plenty of features on top of the fact that they are two-in-one products which will serve as both a cot and a bed. For example, our moKee Midi Cot comes with an optional drawer that you place underneath it, an ideal location for stowing away those baby essentials, such as bedding and spare muslin squares. These stylish cot beds are available in a choice of colours that show off their cool Scandinavian design perfectly no matter what sort of décor you have opted for in your little one's room. Complying with all of the relevant safety standards, they have removable front panel which turn the cot into a bed.

Please bear in mind that each midi cot bed we supply comes equipped with a choice of different mattress options. Our 140 x 70 cot mattresses are all sized to fit snugly into our cot beds. For example, our Seriously Natural mattress provides no fewer than four comfy layers to help your baby sleep soundly even as it grows into a toddler and beyond. The moKee Ramen mattress is another good option worth mentioning since it provides a veritable air cushion underneath.