moKee Mini Cot | White



The only cot that's yours to design.Specification test

The moKee mini cot is the perfect place for any moKee baby to start a life of sweet dreams and imagination.
It's simple Scandinavian design has been loved by over 20 000 parents so far. You can make it your own very easily. Customize it to match any nursery or personality. Choose between 6 colors to start with, pick your mattress and add all the accessories you might need:
- The Mini Drawer will help you use the space wisely. And it comes in different mokee colors, too!
- The Shelvings in the color of your choice, of course, will give you even more storage space. They are practical and pretty - display favorite toys, picture books and memories.
- The Cloudy Mat in sea green or grey color, is for safe, quick, comfy and fun diapers changing.
- The WoolGuard and Teething rail are for safety. They protect your little, so they can jump, play and chew all the time.
- The Mini Mobile is cute, but did you know it will help your baby train their sight from day one on earth? The gentle movements of our felt clouds will calm your baby, too.
- The Sleepy Bag for the first 6 months will make perfect bedding. It's cozy and safe for the baby. It will keep them warm all through the night.
- Don't forget to order the starters pack of 3 Fitted Waterproof Sheets. they really come in handy!
What is more, with a removable panel on one side, every cot can be extended easily, meaning it can stay part of your baby’s nursery from birth up to 3 years old.







Will stay with you from day one right upto toddler tantrums

  • 0-6

    Provides a safe and secure space for your little one, right from birth. Get more flexibility by adjusting your moKee Cot!
  • 6-24

    Keeps your child comfy as they grow with an eight adjustable levels to change the height of the mattress.
  • 24+

    Saves you money by converting into a toddler-sized bed. The front panel can be removed for a bigger bed when your child reaches 24-months.

Build your cot to
suit your baby

Every baby is different so we make every cot customisable so you have everything they (and you) need for the perfect night sleep!

Made from materials as natural as you are

We want moKee babies to nap in the best place possible so we make sure every cot is made from sustainably sourced ecological beech wood

Safety certificate

BS EN 716-1:2017 & BS EN 716-2:2017
Every one of our mini cots are tested for strength by simulating a little one jumping on it 5000 times so even the bounciest babies will be looked after at moKee. Each cot also complies with British Safety Standard BS EN 716-1:2017 & BS EN 716-2:2017 what means that the design is deep enough for your little one as well as correctly spaced bars and no cut-outs or steps

  • ”If you’re looking for an affordable cot that looks – and feels – like a top-end nursery piece, moKee is what you need.”
  • ”The moKee mini cot is a fantastic option for families who want a great value baby bed that can be used from birth to three, without taking up the space of a larger cot bed.”
  • ”We are happy to recommend this excellent, compact and affordable cot.”

Handcrafted with love

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