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Moses basket set: well nested means well rested.

Newborns are not ones for spacious beds. They feel best in a tight mommy hug. The Full Nest bundle is the best way to give your baby a soft snugging for the first months of their life. The WoolNest Moses basket is made of the softest natural wool felt, that keeps out any chill as well as noise. It will fit into every bedroom and can be used as a travel bed as well. Your little one will feel safe and you both will get a rest you deserve. The Full Nest bundle is a Moses basket set, which includes not only the WoolNest with a stand in a color of your choice, but also textiles to make the set complete. Get the bundle and safe £50!

The FullNest Bundle includes:
WoolNest [Choose your colour] – The cozy nest you can take anywhere with you.
WoolNest Stand [Choose your colour] – To change your felt nest into a comfy cot.
3 x Waterproof Fitted Sheet – One to be in washing machine, one to be in a laundry basket and one to sleep on.
3 x Fitted Sheet [Choose your colour] – More sheets, because more is just the number you need for a newborn.
2 x WoolNest Liner [cChoose your colour] - For soft dreams and easy cleaning.
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  • ”The moKee mini cot is a fantastic option for families who want a great value baby bed that can be used from birth to three, without taking up the space of a larger cot bed.”
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