Feeding frenzy - bringing baby to the table

Feeding frenzy - bringing baby to the table

By Becca Smith, Mokee Ambassador and Mother of one with Baby Number 2 on the way

Moving on to solids for any baby is a milestone and with every milestone comes questions!  How do I feed them? What food should I start with? Puree or baby-led? And of course, which high chair?!

Ah the dreaded high chair.  

There are so many options to choose from it can be quite a minefield to navigate so I thought I’d tell you where I feel I went wrong with Number 1.

We decided to buy a very expensive high chair which was huge!  It made my son look so tiny amongst the large tray and seat. It had wheels so we could move it about but generally he was plonked in the middle of the kitchen and nowhere near the dining table.  Generally somewhere he could make the least mess!

WRONG! Why did we decide to feed him separately to us?  

Well of course babies eat at different times at first and have dinner a long time before adults but we could have (and looking back should have) sat him at the table and sat with him whilst feeding him.

Looking into this there has been an array of research which shows that children eating at the family table become better eaters, feel more secure, can communicate better and even attain better grades at school than those who don’t sit at the table.

My son was a terrible eater and refused any solids for a while – it was probably the most stressful time of my life with me trying to get ANYTHING down him, day after day.  Would he have been a better eater if we had included him at the dinner table from the start? We’ll never know but it is proven that children eat better when surrounded by other people eating- I certainly enjoy eating with people rather than alone!

Feeding baby | family dinner

But what high chair allows for your baby to sit comfortably at the table?  

There aren’t many around but they do exist and moKee is teaming up with Froc and launching a froKee High Chair that brings baby to the table and also grows with the baby.

Right now my son, who is almost 3, sits at our dinner table and most days eats happily if he is eating with someone else.  It’s one of the most special times of the day where we can sit and have the most silly conversations. Yes I’m constantly saying ‘one more bite’ and there are sometimes tears but ever since he’s been able to sit WITH us, he’s enjoyed meal times much more and they’ve been less of a struggle.

I’ll be testing out moKee’s new high chair with Number 2, so watch out for a review here. In the meantime, send us your messy meal time photos @wearemokee

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